About Us

Harry A White Sr.

      Harry Arley White Sr. started the White's Sales and Service at a young age in 1942. He was a young man with a strong will who was strong-minded and very determined to build a foundation for his family. The company started out as a small mechanical shop, repairing and saw filing for huge saws that cut board timber. Harry’s wife was by his side daily, and she was known as the chief repairman at the shop over the chainsaws and probably could assemble one blind folded.     As years went by the business grew as well as the family. Harry and his wife Julia Elizabeth had 4 children, a daughter, and three strong talented young men who were just as strong-willed and determined to help the business succeed. They grew up in the shop learning the day to day operations, and continued to work for the company after graduating from school. This small company went from repairing chain saws to designing, inventing and getting a patent on a “Pulp Wood Loader,” which Harry called his “baby,” to building log trailers and repairing logging equipment.      The News & Courier did an article and International Paper Co. executive quoted, that he probably has done more for pulpwood cutters in Georgetown County than any one man he knew.  

Edward L White, Sr

      Harry A White Sr, sold the company to his son Edward L. White in 1988. Edward, or “Big Ed,” graduated from the Baptist College of Charleston, and he was no stranger to work,  he had a passion for work,  and having a staff at times over 40 employees and working in local mills was where he saw the future for his business, so from there he bought a fleet of trucks and trailers and welders.

  After Big Ed’s passing in 2008, the ropes were then handed over to his only son, Edward Lee White II.

Edward Lee White II

  Edward Lee White II who had been working with the company since age 18. Learning sawmills and how they operate came from years of hands on work. Big Ed taught Edward Lee the most important things in running a company and that was the way he was taught, “Hands On."    He saw that traveling millwright work was the future for Whites.  He has taken the company from local to up and down the East Coast with team of co-workers that has been with the company for years and has years of experience.  We are proud of where we came from and look forward to working with you in the future, now working for some of the world's leading manufactures.